Sanex WTA Tour Chat with Monica Seles
November 8th, 2002

Monica answered one of our questions! See the highlighted area for our question. -Ronny & James

Sanex Hero of the Year
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MSelesHi Every body!
StasioHi Monica! First of all, I must say congratulations for such an excellent job on the court against Lindsay, and for being our Sanex Hero of the Year! We hope that you are really pleased :) Can you let us know a little about what you have been doing to get into such great form again - mentally and physically?
MSelesThanks Stasio, it was a very exciting match against Lindsay, and above all thanks a lot for chosing me at Your Sanex Hero of the Year, is definitely one of the highlights of my career.
AKINOMYou hit great volleys.So why don't you go on the net more often to finish the point?
MSelesI have been working hard ready for the Home Depot Championships in order to finish the year off well.
josephMonica, which win was more satisfying, Venus at the Australian or this one over Lindsay?
MSelesThanks I am trying. I wish I could have done more often in my career. It's not too late so I have been working hard on it.
ABrown1202Monica, you have such a unique and powerful game. How are you able to create such accurate angles on your groundstrokes? I practice all the time, but you make it look so easy.
MSelesBoth matches were really important and it was nice to break the loosing streak against them.
LeisaWhen you are in tough matches, as you were with Lindsay a few days ago, what things help you pull through? How much of a role does the crowd support play?
MSelesMy dad when I was young made play little tennis on between the service line and it help me a lot.
MSelesIt helps tremendously to make me want to fight to go for every shot. It helped me in many matches.
AKINOMDo you continue your french lessons? Have you bought a flat in Paris?
MSelesNO I have not given up this dream to buy a flat in Paris. I hope when I will retire I will the chance to buy a flat there. Regarding the French lessons I have not continued.
AndreaMilanWhich is the match in your career you would like to have the chance to replay?
MSelesGood question! Quite a few.
DC_Loves_MonicaDo you anticipate cutting back on your schedule next year to avoid injuries?
MSelesProbably all the grand slams finals that I lost against Steffi and Arantxa.
LeisaYou started off the year in great form, making it to at least the semi-finals of the first handful of tournaments and at one stage was only a few points away from being ranked #3. By your own evalution, how would you rate your performance this year?
MSelesI probably won't doing as many tournaments I have been doing this year but still the minimum tournaments required.
JonayGranCanariaare u plannig to play more double matches next season?
MSelesNo I am planning to play any doubles next year. I will focus on the singles.
steffigrafIf you win against Venus, what do you think are your chances against a semi-final clash with one of the belgian girls?
MSelesWell Kim is a very good friend of mine and I have played one of my best tennis against Justine quite few time, so whoever will be it's going to be quite a tough match.
monicaselessitecom1in the past couple of years, i have noticed that you swing your forehand crosscourt more often then down the line, is it harder to get the forehand down the line against a hard hit ball? now that you have been down the line suprising players, is that making a difference in that the other players are not sure where your forehand is gonna go anymore?
MSelesGood notice. That's something I have been working on a lot. Hit down the line helped me in making more points.
JulianMonica,In your serve,you seems prefer to choose right angle than wide. When you play against Venus,do you think that's gotta be a way to give her more forehand balls?
MSelesYes definately. Even if she has improved recently her forehand I will try to concentrate on it but also keep her on guessing.
JulianYou prefer not to play so much indoors after US Open, is it any reason for this?
MSelesNO I actually enjoy playing indoors. I was extremely tired and I need to to rest. BUt next year hopefully.
SpiritOver the past couple of years, you've had constant trouble with your ball toss. What's up with that?
MSelesWell it comes and goes. I try not to think about it too much. I have been working on it and will keep on working on it.
OleriMonica, what do you think of think of the current depth of players, especially the talented up-and-comers such as Danillidou, Hantuchova, and Tulyaganova??
MSelesIt's great. Women's tennis has grown so much. Daniela has made tremedous progress this year and I think will win a Slam soon. Id Tulyaganova can stay injured free she is definitely one of the players to watch out.
MoniaCan you compare the latest win to 5 sets marathon with Gabriela Sabatini in early 90s
MSelesThat was such a thrilling match. It was my first Championships match and playing against my friend Gabby was tough. It was also the only 5 sets match I have ever played. Thought it was difficult to play against my friend Lindsay.
KnightriderHow does the wear and tear on the tennis circut today, compare with what things were like when you first started playing?
MSelesI think the competition is lot more tougher. There is more depth, you have to play more tournaments, stay healthy. It's definately more difficult.
ilovepetesamprasAfter your tennis career is over (hopefully not any time soon) would you consider doing commentary?
MSelesLast 2 questions please
MSelesI reall right now don't know what I would like to do. I see my good friend Mary Jo doing and enjoying it. I don't know will see. I would like to be involve with children.
gastonMonica, Im happy that you got elected for Hero of the year.......because you really are a Hero, what do you feel about it ?
MSelesThank you very much. For me it is such a great honour. I think it goie
Thank you Monica, and good luck !
MSelesI think it goes beyond my tennis career. Thank you very much for the people who have voted for me. It means so much to me as much as winning a Grand Slam. Thank you so much.
MSelesBye every body!